About Monk Marketing Partnership

Monk Marketing
Carlton House
28 Carlton Terrace
BN41 1UR
East Sussex

Tel: 0845 603 5714
Fax: 01273 423216
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.monkmarketing.com

Monk Marketing has selected a range of products which answer almost any demands a business may have. If the right product is selected, it will be useful to the recipient, so they will get a constant reminder of your company. Our range is expansive so that we have products from 12p to 120 or more. We can also deal in most quantities. Where very large quantities are involved our own sourcing office in China ensures the best price. For clients who are looking for something a bit different, we are visiting the major world exhibitions so we can keep in the forefront of innovation.

The directors of Monk Marketing have almost 60 years in the Promotion and Marketing industry. This experience has helped us to work for major national and international companies on an ad-hoc and retained basis. We have served all forms of clients from the building industry to airlines and from International hotel Groups to international sports arenas. We are also used to providing good for major events from music festivals to Pride. We work by ourselves or as part of a marketing team. Our back-up staff ensure a friendly and efficient relationship in all areas with our clients.